Flamingo with Chef Mitchie
June 21, 2022

Flamingo with Chef Mitchie

How many Sugarworks products does it take to build a flamingo?  Let's find out!

For this project, I used several Sugar Structure components to build the flamingo's legs and belly.  I was inspired by fellow Brand Ambassador Belinda Lucidi's video tutorial, which you can check out here if you haven't seen it yet!  


For my creation, I started with a wide base, made of wood, to attach the Sugar Structure flange.  And placed atop my turntable extender.  Even though the Sugar Structures are food safe, I did add aluminum tape for more stability. 


The belly contains a half inch piece of foamcore and rice cereal treats adhered with chocolate.  I alternated cake layers with caramel, buttercream, and crisp pearls, then carved with a serrated knife to meet flush with the belly base.  The crumb coat and final coat of Swiss meringue were easy thanks to my Sugar Smoothers.


All that gorgeous pink is a hybrid of modelling chocolate and fondant.  I prefer using this mix for carved cakes so that I have more work time.  Which is also great for my Sugar Shapers.  I can create so much free hand detail.  I tend to favor the bone chisel (orange), pointed chisel (blue), and tri-tip chisel (red) in both the mini and regular sugar shapers.


Ok, I have to pause and give praise to all of the new brushes!  From the fluffy to Artist brushes, I baby them all.  They are really comfortable, keep their shape, and do not shed.  I am a bit of a brush fiend, see my previous blog post as evidence, but these are a total knockout!


The medium cake porter was absolutely ideal for not only keeping this structured cake safe and cool, but concealed until its television debut!   


My worktop is consistently covered in Innovative Sugarworks products.  I trust them wholeheartedly and they make my cake life so much easier.