How to make a Wafer Paper Rose with Lucia Simeone
December 18, 2022

How to make a Wafer Paper Rose with Lucia Simeone

We asked our latest Brand Ambassador to share with us how she makes one of her favorite flowers, the white rose.  This flower is perfect for almost any occasion, and can be used to decorate wedding cakes or special event cakes.  For this flower, you will need the following tools and materials:
      1. Wafer Paper, thin 0.30 mm
      2. Water
      3. Scissors
      4. Spray Bottle (Vaporizer)
      5. Sugar Shapers, Firm
      6. Fine Detail Brushes
All of my flowers are abstracts.  I never use models, because everything is hand made.  Every petal is hand cut with scissors.  With this small tutorial, I will show you how to make a rose in wafer paper with the effects similar to the appearance of silk.  


Take a sheet of wafer paper and cut the corner to make a circular form, then cut a spiral.


With a bowl of water, use a small brush to wet just the edges of the spiral.  This step is important because the water makes the wafer paper soft and easy to work. However, beware of wetting the paper too much!


Turn pressing only on the base, this will make the interior of the rose as a rose bud. Continue turning, until you make the rose.  Let it dry.


Cut the irregular petals.  Spray with a water vaporizer, and let them dry.


Cut the base of each petal and wet it with a little water.


Apply the petals to the rose.  Sugar Shapers are a great tool to help you do this.  



Cut a circular shape of wafer paper and use it as a base to close the rose.  Let it dry very well.


I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial...see you soon, Lucia!