Chef Mitchie's Diary of a Brush Fiend
June 01, 2017

Chef Mitchie's Diary of a Brush Fiend

Michelle Curran aka “Chef Mitchie”, is a self-taught cake and sugar artist originally from Atlantic City, NJ now based in Las Vegas, NV. Nicknamed the “Femme Fatale of Fondant”, by NV Pageant Magazine and BEST CAKE ARTIST by Las Vegas Weekly Readers, her career in cake artistry has led her to compete locally, as well as nationally on Food Network, making her an award winning cake artist. Her truest passion as a Private Cake Artist for hire is creating custom cake and sugar art for her clients, which have included World Renowned DJs, celebrities, and athletes; it keeps her nestled inside her Las Vegas studio when she is not traveling the nation performing product demos and teaching the craft of cake decorating.

Chef Mitchie

Mitchie is often referred as a product expert for top cake decorating supply companies and has designed food-grade silicone molds for Decorate the Cake. Today Mitchie admits to her Paintbrush Problem, and tells us all about her new fixation: Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes.


Hi, my name is Mitchie, and I'm addicted to buying paintbrushes. :: Hi Mitchie! ::

It's a serious condition. I tend to blow out bristles faster than I can unpackage brushes. I'm quite neglectful to my brushes, but not on purpose. Cake artistry changes in the blink of an eye, it's fast paced, you have a change of heart on design in mere seconds, or you take your sweet lovin' time to nurture the project in front of you. What happens to your brushes?

Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

The right answer would be to clean them right away! But nope, they're still sitting in clean water conforming to the cup's bottom or you find the one you used for piping gel stuck to the underside of your work So what do I do?! 

Innovative Sugarworks launched an incredibly sassy looking set of Artist Brushes; we need to take a serious moment to admire them.

Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

The bristles are so soft, you will want to rub them on your face. Go ahead, I won't tell anyone. (OK, stop flirting with your brushes Mitchie.)

For the first time use, I baby-ed them... hardcore, rinsed immediately, soft towel dried. Stood them upright to dry. But then I got busy. Soon I was out the door for a delivery, and by the time I was done with traffic I just wanted to eat some noodles and go to bed. The next day I rolled my eyes in my head as I saw my brand new brushes were still covered in paint and powders on my workbench.

Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

At least my Deluxe Oval was sitting in clean water. But the Precision Crease brush had a near permanent helmet of edible glue. Curses

Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

Success! The brushes cleaned really well and are now back to their former gorgeous condition.

Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

These brushes perform really well, no shedding, which is super important for food! I highly recommend at least 2 sets; one to dedicate to dry brushing.  I wouldn't suggest leaving them around for days unkempt, not everyone will have the same experiences. But overall, I am really pleased to have them join my arsenal of cake tools.

Check out this quick vid and watch me use the brushes, Sugar Shapers, and Artists' Turntable!



We hope you enjoyed Chef Mitchie's entertaining exploration of our new Artists' Brushes. We certainly did! If you want to see more of Chef Mitchie's incredible work, you can visit the Mitchie's Munchies website.

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