Meet Our Team of Brand Ambassadors

Belinda Lucidi - Italy

Fascinated by the sugar arts, Belinda began a new adventure as a Cake Designer, leaving behind a successful career as a graphic designer and video game artist.  Entirely self-taught, she quickly found a rewarding balance between her artistic style, creativity, and her love for cakes.  She is constantly experimenting with new techniques, shapes, colors, and materials to design immaculate cakes that always “tell a story”.

In 2018, her creation, "Pinocchio" won her the Gold Medal from the technical jury and First Place in the Fantasy Cake category at Shaki Cake International.  Then in 2019 at Cake International Birmingham, she won another technical Gold Medal with “Hopping in the woods: Ivan the hare”.  

Belinda loves to see her cakes bring expressions of amazement to the eyes of young children, or to watch the joy of couples celebrating that special occasion, and founded La Dolce Vita – Sugar Creations in Monza, Italy.  She also shares her knowledge and passion for the sugar arts in her modeling paste classes that she teaches both in Italy and abroad.

You can see more of Belinda's work on La Dolce Vita's Facebook page or on Instagram @ladolcevitatorte.

Chris Aranda - Mexico 

Chris was born and raised in Mexico City, has been involved in the world of Sugar Arts for the last 14 years.  Even as a kid, he was actively involved in the performing arts and studied theatre, music, and plastic arts - all of which inspired him to pursue a career in Cake Design.  Since then, he has taught classes and judged cake competitions around the world, including Australia, Costa Rica, Chile, France, United States and across Mexico.

When he isn’t traveling, you can find him making beautiful customized cakes for every occasion at his home studio in Mexico City.  Passionate about his work with sugar paste, he is known for crafting beautiful flowers of all varieties.  He has also won numerous awards in International Competitions, including Gold Medals and awards for Best Innovation and Neatness in Master Techniques.

You can see more of Chris' work on Chris Aranda - Cake Designer's Facebook page or on Instagram @chrisaranda_cakedesigner.

Sachiko Windbiel - USA 

Sachiko Windbiel grew up in Ishikawa Prefecture on the West Coast of Japan.  She was surrounded by the influences of great illustrators like Osamu Tezuka (cartoonist, animator) as well as a fascination with Manga and Animation features.  These early creative influences, the encouragement of her parents, and the charm and artistry of the pastry world ultimately landed her as the owner and creative force behind mimicafe Union based in Santa Monica, CA.  

Sachiko is known for her intricately detailed and skillfully crafted Fondant Figure Modeling, and is an internationally recognized cake artist.  She has first place finishes in numerous cake shows and can be seen competing on various television networks.  When she is not busy challenging her own modeling skills, Sachiko continues to “Spread Joy” by teaching her fondant workshops around the globe.  She believes full heartedly in the ability of Pastry Arts to bring fun and joy into people's lives.

You can see more of Sachiko's work on mimicafe Union's Facebook page or on Instagram @mimicafeunion

Marta Torres - Portugal 

Marta Torres left the banking and consulting industries over 8 years ago to embark on an accidental journey into the world of sweets.  Since then, she has established herself as an international leader in the sugar arts community and used her artistic power to start the The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres and Marta Torres - Royal Icing Cookie Art in Lisbon, Portugal.  She is a world reknowned  teacher of her own three dimensional piping concepts and techniques with royal icing, and has taught in 32 Countries to over 1,800 students.

Marta has been featured in many international magazines, national TV interviews, and is an official judge for Cake International.  She was awarded - Artist of the Year 2020, 2016 winner for the EAGA awards, 2021 Global Hero Finalist Australian Awards, 2017 Finalist Peoples Choice Awards (USA), 2015 Cookie Finalist for Cake Master Magazine Awards, and more.  She loves doing collaborations as they give her a chance to create pieces that are more complex, and challenge her to create more three-dimensional realistic works. 

You can see more of Marta’s work on The Cookie Lab by Marta Torres Facebook page or on Instagram @thecookielab_by_marta_torres.

Dorothy Klerck - South Africa 

Dorothy (Dot) Klerck is an international multi-award winning cake artist who honed her skills in art school, but taught herself the basics (and more!) of cake decoration.  She has traveled internationally to various sugar shows and sugar schools in over 30 different countries to teach her unique skills in sculpture and design.  When she is not traveling, she continues to create her specialized custom sugar sculptures as the owner of Eat Cake Party in Wellington, South Africa.  

Dot has been featured in magazines and on television around the world.  She is also an international accredited judge.  A few of her accolades include - Winner of the International Cake Masters - Cake Oscar Awards for Best Show Piece 2019, Global Sugar Artist Network One of the Top 15 International Cake Artists for Most Realistic Sculpted Cake for 2019, Winner of the International Best Show Piece Award 2017 at the Cake Masters Awards, and Winner 2018 & 2017 Live 2 day Cake Off Challenge - International Team vs Australia in Brisbane, Australia.  When Dot's not in her cake studio or on an airplane, she can be found on the local mountain trails either running with her furry children or biking with her family. 

You can see more of Dot's work on Eat Cake Party Facebook page or on Instagram @dorothyklerck.

Susan Trianos - Canada

Susan Trianos has been in the baking industry for over 34 years! Her career has included everything from working in manufacturing facilities, product development, sales, to owning a renowned scratch bakery making custom wedding cakes, cookies, and pastries.  With her vast knowledge and experience, Susan ultimately landed an educational position at the Bonnie Gordon College of Confectionary Arts, where she taught the Wedding Cake Program, Piping, Sugar Flowers, and Figure Modeling.  Susan now focuses her efforts on teaching both in person and online through her own school, Learn to Cake in Toronto, Canada.

Susan has earned multiple awards throughout her career, and is most proud of her win at the 2018 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show where she won Grand Champion.  Her work has been featured in magazines, billboards, television and movies. One time for the horror film Mama, she created edible dead moths that looked so realistic the director had a hard time convincing the 6 year old actor to eat them!  Susan also still loves attending cake shows, where she often teaches and judges.  Her passion for all things sweet is still as strong as it was when she first began her career.

You can see more of Susan's work on LEARN to CAKE with Susan Trianos  Facebook page or on Instagram @learntocake_susantrianos.

Michelle "Chef Mitchie" Curran - USA

Michelle Curran aka “Chef Mitchie”, is a self taught cake and sugar artist originally from Atlantic City, NJ. now based in Las Vegas, NV.  Named “Femme Fatale of Fondant”, by NV Pageant Magazine and BEST CAKE ARTIST by Las Vegas Weekly Readers. Her career in cake artistry has led her to compete locally, nationally and on Food Network. Chef Mitchie (occasionally) travels the country to perform product demos, teach cake decorating, and judge cake competitions.  Her truest passion is creating custom cake and sugar art for her clients, which keeps her nestled inside her Las Vegas, NV studio, Mitchies Munchies in Las Vegas, NV.  Her private bake SCHoppe specializes in custom cakes, apples, and treats. The schoppe is open by appointment only and everything is fresh made to order.

You can see more of Chef Mitchie's work on Mitchies Munchies Facebook page or


Daniela Cabrera Godínez - Mexico

Daniela Cabrera Godínez is a Mexican sugar artist and cake designer, and has run a small bakery since 2005 in her hometown of San Francisco del Rincón, Guanajuanto, called Danny's Cake Factory.  Her passion in the cake industry is focused on modeling fondant toppers, and she has been recognized as an innovative modeling technique developer.  This recognition has given her the privilege to teach in several countries such as Spain, Costa Rica, Mexico, and the USA - as well as judge as part of jury panels for cake contents worldwide.

Her work has been published in several magazines including Cake Masters Magazine (UK), America Cake Decorating (USA), Cake Fiesta Manila (Philippines), and Decochef (Mexico).  She has also been a finalist in the modeling excellence category for American Cake Awards and a multi medal winner in various cake contests.

You can see more of Danny's work on Danny's Cake Factory Facebook page or on instagram @dannycabrera_sugarartist.

Enrique Rojas - UK

Enrique Rojas trained as an Architect and has always been connected to the worlds of baking, sugarcraft, and chocolate through relatives.  HAVE+SOME+CAKE by Enrique was founded in Birmingham, United Kingdom about 6 years ago.  His speciality is Modern, Eclectic, Highly Bespoke Wedding Cakes and Celebration Cakes.  Enrique's work is bursting with color and packed with new ideas.  He uses materials in innovative ways to mix textures and add new dimensions to his designs.  He takes pride in that his unique style shines through each and every one of his cakes, despite the fact that no two cakes ever look the same.  

He is the Winner of Cake Masters Wedding Cake Awards 2018, a TOP 10 UK Cake Artist in 2018, TWIA West Midlands Regional Winner 2019, Silver Medallist at Cake International Competition 2017, Wedding Cake Judge at The Cake Professionals 2019-2020, Judge at ByBora Sugarpaste Online Competition 2019, Winner of the Cake Off at Cake International 2019, Judge from 2020 of The Wedding Industry Awards, Speaker at Trends for Events in Italy in 2019 and International Tutor (Spain, UK, UAE, Bahrain, Chile, Colombia, Morocco, Lebanon, Nigeria and more).

You can see more of Enrique's work on HAVE+SOME+CAKE Facebook page or on instagram @havesomecakeuk.

Hemu Basu - USA

Hemu Basu love of Art, and an accidental discovery of an awesome cake recipe, quickly transformed her into a self-taught cake artist.  She was born and brought up in India, moved to Scotland in 2009, and then moved to Texas with her family in 2015.  In February 2016 she saw an online cake competition for Pretty Witty Cakes, and decided to take part.  It was her first ever cake competition - and she got first place!  She felt so encouraged and happy that she continued to compete in more cake competitions, like Sugar Arts Showcase, That Takes the Cake, Global Sugar Artists Network, and SAS Cake Show (and won)!  With her continued success in shows, and with a little bit of cajoling from her friends and family - Hemu’s Sweet Sensation was born in Katy, TX.

Hemu’s cakes have been featured in many noticeable publications like Cake Masters Magazine, American Cake Decorating Magazine, Satin Ice Blog, Sugar Magazine, and many other local and national publications.  When she isn't busy making cakes, or judging, you can also see her on a variety of Cake Competition Shows.  She was the winner of Food Network's "Halloween Wars Championship" (s10) in 2020, and was a finalist in Netflix's "Is it Cake?". 

You can see more of Hemu's work on The Sweet Sensation Facebook page or on instagram @thesweetsensation.

Lucia Simeone - Italy

Lucia Simeone is the daughter of a pastry chef and an artist, whose journey into the world of Cake Design began in 2011.  Her love for painting and appreciation for simple and clean lines merged perfectly with her curiosity and discovery of this "wonderful paper", or wafer paper.  She quickly developed her own innovative and unique techniques using wafer paper to decorate cakes throughout the world.  She is able to transform the simple paper into artistic flowers, silk like ruffles, and other sophisticated decorations.  

In February 2014 she participated in the Italian Cake Design Championships of the Italian Pastry Federation, winning the Gold Medal and the "2014 Innovation Award" for her technique.  In 2015 she received three nominations for the Italian Cake Design Awards: Best Wedding Cake, Best Flower Decorations, Best Italian Cake Designer 2015.  She travels all over the world teaching at cake events, training in cake design schools, and overseeing workshops.  

You can see more of Hemu's work on the DolceLuLù Facebook page or on instagram @luciasimeone.