Tissi's Sweet Kitty
August 01, 2018

Tissi's Sweet Kitty

Tissi Benvegna is the owner of La Torta che Vuoi Tu and inventor of TLook eye tools. Best known for her amazing doll-like sculpted sugar figurines, Tissi developed TLook to make face modeling quicker, easier, and more accessible to new artists and professionals alike.

Tissi Benvegna

Today, Tissi is going to demonstrate how she made an adorable cat out of sugarpaste using Mini-Tip Sugar Shapers and TLook eye tools.

 We hope you enjoyed this tutorial! You can learn more about Sugar Shapers here:
And about TLook here:

And you want to keep up with all Tissi's new creations, follow her online:
Website: www.latortachevuoitu.it
Facebook: La Torta che Vuoi Tu
Instagram: @tissi.benvegna