The Wonderful Mr. Blue by Yanira Anglada
July 10, 2017

The Wonderful Mr. Blue by Yanira Anglada

Yanira Anglada is the mastermind behind Cake Therapy in Puerto Rico. An exceptional cake designer and instructor, Yanira is most famous for her exquisite sculpted figures and cake toppers. Today she is going to show us all the many applications she's discovered for the pointed tip Sugar Shaper, AKA Mr. Blue.

Yanira Anglada of Cake Therapy

The Blue Mini-Tip Sugar Shaper is one of my favorite tools due to its versatility. I use it regularly. Here's some examples of how I use it to achieve different textures:


Making Moss with Sugar Shapers
After using a firm bristle brush to add texture to the gum paste or fondant of your choice,  I use Mr. Blue to make zigzag movements to add dimension. Then I slightly press towards the inside at the edges.
Making Moss with Sugar Shapers


After flattening the gum paste to about 1/8 on an inch, I use Mr. Blue to add indentations following an almost straight movement. I use the same tool to make "wood knots" in various sizes. 
Making Wood Grain with Sugar Shapers


After mixing white and brown to achieve a marble effect, I form a guitar pick shaped piece of gum paste and start moving Mr Blue from the narrow end to the wider end with the tip of the shaper towards the narrow end of the shell.
Making Shells with Sugar Shapers

Simple Leaves

Make a fondant tear drop and press with the tip of the shaper aligned with the tip of the tear drop.
Using Sugar Shapers to make a simple leaf


Hair is very similar to the moss technique.
Making hair with Sugar Shapers
Roll a ball of gum paste or fondant to form a piece that has 2 pointed ends and slightly flatten it with your hand or a rolling pin. Use the blue shaper to make indentations from tip to tip, following the shape of the "strand". Use your hands to adjust the hair strand as you wish and add movement.
Making hair with Sugar Shapers

Fabric details

I love using Mr. Blue to add details to the "fabric", specially when I'm working with simple modeling figures and baby clothing.
Using Sugar Shapers for fabric folds
I can use it to add seam lines, folds, dots and make scalloped edges.
Fabric details using Sugar Shapers


To make faces, I use a few different shapers, and I use Mr. Blue specially on the lips to define the inside of the lips and pull the lip upward from the chin using the side of the shaper. 
Making lips with Sugar Shapers


I use the blue shaper to create cleavage and define the clavicle. When I'm working on busts I also use it to separate the arm.
Making a bust with Sugar Shapers



We hope you've enjoyed this exploration of the many and varied uses of Mr. Blue, the pointed tip chisel from your Sugar Shapers or Mini-Tip Sugar Shapers set.

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