Sugar Structures with Kaysie Lackey

November 09, 2016

Sugar Structures with Kaysie Lackey

Kaysie Lackey is world-renowned for her incredible, gravity-defying 3D sculpted cakes. But how does she do it? By all laws of physics and everything you've ever learned about flour, sugar, and moisture, that cake should fall down, fall apart, sink, or sag.

Kaysie Lackey's Sculpted Cakes with Sugar StructuresBut just like your own body couldn't stand up without a skeleton, those cakes have an internal structure that holds them up and keeps their form. Today Kaysie is going to teach us all about the new Sugar Structures cake armatures!

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structures


Cake Artists have known forever that you need a structure to hold up your sculpted cakes, but until now we had to rely mostly on hardware store findings: pipes, fittings, wires. These things were designed and manufactured for plumbing, not for food. They were heavy, clumsy, and had to be wrapped in plastic for health and cleanliness.

But not anymore!

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structures

Sugar Structures are made of lightweight food grade aluminum. Pop them in the dishwasher and they're clean and ready to be eaten from. For this guy, I used the 2-Legged Running kit and started by building my basic skeleton. The pipe elbows are engraved with the degree of their angle, making it super easy to build a figure in motion whose arms and legs each bend at different degree.

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structures

Next I added some foam cake boards to hold the weight of the body. This is going to be one chubby teddy! In addition to weight support, the foam boards also allow for gradual sloping of the parts I want to be rounded. You can see in the photo how I've carved out some of the foam on the bottom-most board so it sits around the metal joining. This will give my bear a more gently rounded bottom.

The blue straw on top is a bubble tea straw. These fit perfectly around the Sugar Structure rods and allow you to slide the head on and off smoothly without making multiple holes in your cake.

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structures

Next I start to add the cake. This guy is going to be about 2 feet tall, so that's a lot of cake weight I've added already, and more will come when I put on his head. The Sugar Structures are super sturdy and won't bend, warp, twist, or break. I can make this cake enormous! 

Kaysie Lackey Teddy Bear with Sugar Structures

And there he is! Sugar Structures are the strongest, safest, simplest way to make a sculpted cake that will stand tall and proud through even the longest party!


We hope this gives you a good overview of our upcoming Sugar Structures cake armatures. We expect these to be hitting the shelves in the next month or two. Sign up to our email list to see the release announcement as soon as it's given!

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