Sugar Shapers and Sorcery Soap- Magic in the Making!
August 21, 2018

Sugar Shapers and Sorcery Soap- Magic in the Making!

We've got something a little different for you all today. "How different?" you ask? Well... you can't eat it. So REALLY different for us!

We'd like to introduce you to Bee Iyata and Sorcery Soap - high minded soaps for those who see magic! Bee is the head soap witch of Sorcery Soap.  She lives in a strict desert with her 2 mates: one is a modern wizard and the other named after the 33rd President. We recently discovered that Bee is doing something with Sugar Shapers we'd never imagined when we created them- sculpting soap! We didn't even know such a thing existed, but we have been amazed and delighted by Bee's beautiful soaps!

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers and Sorcery Soap

Bee is famous throughout the soap world for being a master of soap dough - a moldable cold process soap. She has, in fact, published three books on this unique topic. Bee’s first book is An Enchanted Book Of Peculiar Ideas And Soap Potions - a book of inspiration for all crafts.

Her second book, A Soap Recipe Book Of Light and Shadow, has more tips and tricks to help with soap molding by hand, 20 dough/bar soap recipes, and charts and note pages to help you stay organized and keep track of all the inspiration and soap ideas generated by the first book.

The third book in her soap-craft trilogy, The Magic Of Soap Dough is her opus to making, using, and creating with soap dough.

As well as writing books and offering peculiar soaps, Bee runs a soap group called “Sorcery Soap Creations” on Facebook and supports other soap makers with a soap blog. We are super excited to host Bee in our own (not-so-soapy) blog today! Though soap may not taste like cake, we see a similar vein of creativity and DIY resourcefulness among the 2 skills and we think a lot of you cakers would enjoy translating your skills to soap making as well!

Hi cake makers and sugar artists. I am a soap maker and you are my inspiration for creating unique soaps! 

Why would a soap maker be addressing the cake and sugar world? Sugar Shapers.

I’m Bee- a soap maker and head soap witch of Sorcery Soap. I make high minded soaps.

Sorcery Soap

Sugar Shaper tools from Innovative Sugarworks were an early investment and have never let me down. There wasn’t one soap maker using these tools in the beginning, so I utilized a fair amount of hope when I hit the purchase button.

Sugar Shapers help me sculpt creations from soap dough. Soap dough is similar in texture to fondant, but more firm, a little like clay.

Sugar Shapers and Sorcery Soap

About five years ago I stumbled upon soap dough. I did not see anything created with soap dough online. I looked to the sugar artist community for ideas and inspiration, for determination and gumption, and most of all to be delighted by your creations. In the last few decades sugar art work has dramatically increased, as has the depth and scale of what is possible in edible art. This gave me inspiration to create in soap.

Baking soap by Sorcery Soap

Now, I needed some tools of the trade. A trade I was making up as I went along.

Soap dough is a fully saponified but uncured cold process hand made soap that is moldable. I was enchanted with this pliable substance that could be molded into any shape my imagination could conjure. All this created a magic that was undeniable, along with a soap that was great for skin.

Unicorn soap by Sorcery Soap

The first time I showed someone a Popcorn soap was a moment that changed my mind. This popcorn soap was colored with bright orange and yellow micas inside a white bar of soap with hand molded popped corn and kernels on top, all scented with buttered popcorn fragrance oil. All this was created with Sugar Shapers. The look of astonishment and delight on my friend’s face was all the encouragement I needed.

Popcorn soap by Bee of Sorcery Soaps

Sugar Shapers help me get into the tiny places, smooth areas down, push and extract soap from places my fingers cannot get to. I bought my Sugar Shapers about four years ago and they are as good as new. I wash my Sugar Shapers a lot, use them daily and these tools are so resilient and reliable I even included them in my latest book about soap dough! 

The sugar artist community helped guide my way. Thank you for doing what you do, publicly and quietly, offering your vision of art to the world. I hope I showed you how significant your art work is, not just to those who make sugar works, but a wide variety of crafters.

Button Soap by Sorcery Soap

And we here at Sugarworks hope that Bee's passion and jaw-dropping soap creations have inspired you to test out your sugar skills in this new medium!

If you're interested in trying your hand at soap making and soap sculpting, make sure to check out Bee's soap dough eBook trilogy. And keep up with her online and on social media at the following links:

Facebook: @sorcerysoap
Instagram: @sorcerysoap 
Pinterest: @SorcerySoap
Youtube: @SoapWitchSorcerySoap