Some Kind of Magic
July 13, 2016

Some Kind of Magic

Hello Sugar World!

This is Sugarworks' assistant, Jen, writing today. Most of you know that Meghan is the caker behind this operation; I came on board to help out with marketing and media. Not only am I neither artist nor baker, but before I took this job (full confession here) I didn't even know what fondant was!

But I'm educated now! And after 6 months of staring in awe at other people's work, I thought "I gotta try this out myself."

Now, I know enough of what goes into this craft to know not to be too ambitious on a first attempt. (4-tiered, double barreled wedding cake with sculpted flowers and the cast of Rent in fondant figurines? Umm... no.) How about just a nose?

And let's face it- all I really wanted to do was use the Sugar Shapers. (They just look so nice!) 

Mini Tip Sugar Shapers

So here it is- my very first attempt sculpting anything. Ever. (And I got to use the world's coolest tools! Job perk!)

First Try with Sugar Shapers

Not too shabby, eh? (remember- first time) The nose worked out better than I expected, so I continued on to lips. Now, I'm at an advantage because I was on set for Kaysie's last Innovative Sugarworks video shoot, so I got to watch a real pro do this before I tried. But I'll do my best to walk you through what I did. (And you'll be able to see Kaysie do it for real very soon! Subscribe to our YouTube Channel to get notified when that comes out!)

So I started out with a dome shaped lump and a diamond/kite shaped blob.

Stage 1

If you're really a caker, you'll probably want to use a 50/50 mix of fondant and modeling chocolate, but I just used some Sculpey from the craft store. I honestly thought this would be an epic failure and I wanted to the ability to mash it all up, make it into a pinch-pot, and pretend it never happened. So now there's half a face sitting on my coffee table because I'm too sentimental at having made A Thing to mush it back into the clay box. It's a conversation piece, right?

Sculpey with Sugar Shapers

I used my soft Pointed Chisel (the light blue one) to smooth down the edges of the kite/nose blob onto the face/dome lump. I also used the side of that same shaper to roll-mold the bridge of the nose.

Starting out with Sugar Shapers

Next I used the larger end of my firm Bone Chisel Mini Shaper to make the nostrils. I started just by marking two divets in the nose where the nostrils would be. Then I pushed up and out with the shaper to push out the two nostrils into a nosey shape.

Nostrils with Sugar Shapers

Lastly, I used my soft Lip Chisel to add some definition to the edges of the nostrils and I used my fingers to smooth out the septum a little.

Nose with Sugar Shapers

Ta-Dah! A nose! A little on the bulbous side, but hey- don't judge. We're all beautiful.

Nose with Sugar Shapers

That went so well, I thought I'd push my luck and go for a mouth. I started by using my firm Bone Chisel Mini Shaper to make two indentations for the edges of the mouth. Then I made a line connecting them with my firm Pointed Chisel Sugar Shaper. 

Starting a mouth with Sugar Shapers

Next I used my soft Lip Chisel Mini Shaper to give some depth to the parting of the lips.

Mouth with Sugar Shapers

Then I rolled out two little slug-shaped bits of clay for the lips. I used the side of the Shaper like a tiny rolling pin to smooth the edges of the lips onto the face and my soft Lip Chisel again to give them some shape. I also used my soft Bone Chisel Mini Shaper to shape up that little indented area in the middle of the upper lip. And for a final detail I used my firm Pointed Chisel Mini Shaper to add some lip-crease texture to the lips.

Mouth with Sugar Shapers

And there it was! My very first sculpted thing with Sugar Shapers! Now, I can't tell you that there's some kind of fairy-magic lurking in these tools, but I can say that I am not a sculptor, that I have never made a 3-dimensional art thing, and I had never used these tools before this attempt. And I managed a passable success on my first try.

And it was also super fun!!

Mouth with Sugar Shapers