Reva Alexander-Hawk's Mother of the Bride Cake
April 02, 2019

Reva Alexander-Hawk's Mother of the Bride Cake

This month, our featured guest is the illustrious Reva Alexander-Hawk of Merci Beaucoup cake and pastry business.

Upon launching Merci Beaucoup, Reva rapidly achieved a reputation for creating innovative and tantalizing confections leading to appearances on top-rated televisions shows including Cake Wars, Ridiculous Cakes, Amazing Wedding Cakes and Wedding Cake Championship, among others. She has also received magazine coverage by leading international publications. Reva’s never-ending pursuit of excellence has led her to tackle new challenges, including; expanding her operations to the East coast, developing a book, and sharing her decades of insights and knowledge on the craft of baking through teaching.

Now Reva's shaking up the wedding industry with a new innovation. And she's going to tell us all about it.

The Making of a New Tradition…the Mother of the Bride cake

REva Alexander-Hawk's Mother of the Bride cake

Now hear me out on this… We always hear that it is the Bride’s day but I think it is time to recognize and celebrate some of the others in the bridal party and dare I say… the Parents.

Having moved to the south eastern region of the United States- the state of Georgia to be exact, I have noticed that people here like their weddings big. And that every wedding has a Bridal cake and a Groom's cake. Well move over because it is time to make room for the Mother of the Bride cake! 

What a fun and original way to say Thank YOU to mom for putting up with your crazy ideas and saying yes to everything that you asked for. A Cake that is designed just for them with the flavor that they love and let me mention it again, that is just for them!

Mother of the Bride Cake by Reva Alexander-Hawk

I am now offering this as an add on item for my clients especially when the discussion of flavors is at a stand still. With small personalized bridal party cakes everyone can have their favorite flavors presented to them.

Here I have an example of a cake that is simple yet elegant that has a big impact in a short amount of time. And with the help of the Innovative Sugarworks tool line the process doesn’t take too long at all.

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers, Smoothers, and Turntable with fondant

Now I know you are asking yourself “do we really need more cake at a wedding?” And the answer is YES, always! But fear not, this is a personal sized cake and can be given as a gift before or after the wedding as well. (But it makes more of an impact if it is presented at the reception.)

Using Sugar Shapers on the fondant of a Mother of the Bride Cake

I have used a mold to create the details of the cake, filling the mold cavity with the same color fondant that is on the base cake and using Sugar Shapers to push in the fondant to get all the details.

Using Sugar Shapers to press fondant in a mold

The thicker of your Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers is a great tool to scrape off any extra fondant from your mold. Then just pop out and adhere to the cake with water or sugar glue.

Scraping off  excess fondant with Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers

Use a soft brush to make sure your appliqué pieces are firmly attached.

Using Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes to apply molded fondant to cake

Then paint over the appliqué pieces to create more depth in your cake design.

Adding depth to your fondant molds

Once that has dried attach your flowers to the top.

You may have noticed that I have used both fresh and sugar flowers… yes, I am a rebel that way! I like to keep them guessing and I love to mix mediums on my cakes.

Reva Alexander-Hawk's sugar flowers

As you can see this addition can be done in a short amount of time but will leave the recipient with a lasting sweet memory. Mother of the Bride or even Father of the Brides cake, now this is a tradition I can get on board with.

Mother of the Bride Cake by Reva Alexander-Hawk

And there you have Reva's new addition to the Big Day- a personal cake for mom (or dad!) to say Thank You for all they do to help make the day magical (or just keep the couple sane during the run-up to the event!) If you're a wedding cake designer, considering offering your next couple a package that includes a personal Mother of the Bride cake option! 

And if you want to keep up with all of Reva's new ideas and gorgeous cakes, find her online:

Web: Merci Beaucoup Cakes
Facebook: /MerciBeaucoupCakes
Instagram: @mercicakes