Rachel's Enchanted Teddy Bear
January 08, 2019

Rachel's Enchanted Teddy Bear

Rachel of Rachel's Enchanting Cakes in Chesterfield, UK recently got her hands on a Sugar Structure cake armature. She dropped us a line to tell us how much she loved working with Sugar Structures, and how easy it was to use. Don't take our word for it; listen to what she has to say!

"I am from the UK and recently purchased the Two legged Running Kit from you at Cake International.
Its absolutely AMAZING. I have fallen in love with it and making it my mission to open peoples eyes at just how innovative and amazing this product is!
I have literally just published this [video] to promote your product and show people just how easy it is to use."

Here's the video! Watch how easy it is to use a Sugar Structure and see this amazing Teddy Bear cake come to life!

If you're not following Rachel yet, you definitely should be! She makes incredible cakes and has a YouTube channel full of great tutorials showing you how to do it, too! Find her at these links:

Website: www.rachelsenchantingcakes.com
Facebook: @rachelsenchantingcakes
Instagram: @rachelsenchantingcakes
Twitter: @RachelsEnchant1
YouTube: Rachel's Enchanting Cakes