(Mit)chie Sells Seashells!
November 06, 2017

(Mit)chie Sells Seashells!

The winter weather has started to settle in here in the Pacific Northwest and the gloom was starting to get us down. Chef Mitchie of Mitchie's Munchies in Las Vegas swooped in with the sweetest solution! These delicious, shimmering white chocolate seashells have got us dreaming of summer days by the seashore!

Take a look at how she made these and bring a little touch of summer into your own winter doldrums!

Shimmering Chocolate Seashells by Chef Mitchie

Mitchie started these seashells by casting melted white chocolate in chocolate candy molds. Once set, the shells were released from their cavities and Chef Mitchie used our Sugar Blade to trim off excess from edges of shells.

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Blade Trimming Chocolate Seashells

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Blade

Next Mitchie got out her Sugarworks Artists' Brushes and an assortment of pearl Luster Dusts.

Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

Separating out small quantities of all the colors you plan to use onto a plate, paper towel, or work surface allows for easy access and blending and eliminates the risk of cross-color contamination in your jars.

Dry dusting with Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

Our Artists' Brushes are ideal for working with dry dusts. Dry dusting candies like these chocolate seashells allows the color to blend into the chocolate without the potential for streaking you might get painting on liquid colors.

Dry dusting with Innovative Sugarworks Artists' Brushes

The dry dusts make it easy to get soft and natural looking gradations to your coloring.

Using Luster Dusts to Paint Chocolate Seashells

Chef Mitchie used edible lacquer spray to seal color onto chocolate. Then she finished off her project with some edible sand.

Gorgeous chocolate seashells in edible sand

These seashells are great for sumptuous table centerpieces as well as individual party favors.

Chocolate Seashells by Chef Mitchie

We hope you've enjoyed this project by Chef Mitchie! If you want to see more of her amazing edible creations, check out her website- MitchiesMunchies.com and follow her on social media!
Facebook: @MitchiesMunchies
Instagram: @ChefMitchiesMunchies
f you live around Las Vegas, you can even take classes with her! 

And if you'd like to watch these seashells come to life, take a look at this little video montage!