Lobster Claws by Dat Cake Place
May 05, 2017

Lobster Claws by Dat Cake Place

Jockan Jordan is the owner and founder of Dat Cake Place in New Orleans, LA. With a background in architecture and interior design guiding his artistry, Jockan has made a name for himself as a creator of stunning sculptural cakes featuring vivid colors and movement.

Dat Cake Place's Jockan Jordan

A self-taught artist with no formal culinary training, Jockan has rocketed to cake fame with appearances on television shows like Food Network's Cake Wars and WGNO 26's News With A Twist, features in publications like Cake Masters, The Times Picayune, and Nola.com, and participation in cake competitions as both a winning competitor and a judge. He's even made an edible dress worn by a runway model on Battle of the Instructors in Jacksonville, FL. 

Today, Jockan is showing us how he made these incredibly realistic lobster claws using fondant and Sugar Shapers.


First, start of with a ball of fondant. Roll it into a drumstick shape.

Jockan Jordan's Lobster Claw

Now, flatten the larger side of the drumstick. Take your Exacto knife and cut an L shape out of the flat side- one split down the center of the flat side and one cut from the edge to the center, creating an L shape. 

Jockan Jordan's Lobster Claw

Set aside the small piece that is cut out. It will be used later for the bottom claw.

Next, use your Bone Chisel Sugar Shaper (the orange one) and create a well in the claw by pressing the shaper into the area where you removed the smaller piece of fondant.

Sculpting a Lobster Claw with Sugar Shapers

Now, take the palm of your hand and further flatten the outside edge of the flattened piece and the inside edge of the flattened piece where you cut your L shape. Do the same thing to the small piece that was cut out of the L shape- flatten the inside and the outside edge.

Next, take the yellow Square Tip Chisel and make the claw teeth by pressing individual lines into the inside edge of your claw.

Jockan Jordan teaches with Sugar Shapers

Do the same to the inside of the small piece that you cut out of the L shape, which will be the bottom portion of your claw.

Jockan Jordan of Dat Cake Place and Sugar Shapers

Now take a little dab of water on a brush and pat inside the hole that was created on inside of the claw and insert the bottom portion of the claw that was cut out. Take the Tri-Tip Sugar Shaper and make a v shape indention in the long portion of the claw. Set that aside for a second.

Making Lobster Claws with Sugar Shapers

Now take a small ball of fondant. Roll it out into a bean shape- one end slightly smaller than the other. On the smaller side, Press down to semi -flatten.

Lobster Claws with Dat Cake Place

On the larger side, take the orange Sugar Shaper and make a well.  Make sure the well is large enough to attach to the elongated portion of the claw.

Lobster Claws with Sugar Shapers

Dab a little bit of water on the inside of the well , and attach that piece to the bottom of the claw.  And there you have it!!

Lobster Claw by Jockan Jordan using Sugar Shapers

I would then air brush the top portion of the claw, leaving the bottom fairly white. I add a little darker color in the indentions and where everything connects to give it a little more realism.

Lobster Claws by Dat Cake Place

I hope this was extremely helpful and fun!! If you try out this lobster instructional, I would love to see the results! Please send me your photos!! 


We hope you enjoyed this tutorial by Jockan Jordan of Dat Cake Place. Keep up with Jockan's latest creations on his social media pages:

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You can also catch Jockan live at Sweetfest Con in Atlanta, GA September 21 - 24, 2017 and at Confetti Fest Cake Show in Seattle, WA October 5 - 8, 2017.