Joyce Marcellus Tricks us With These Summer Treats
June 06, 2018

Joyce Marcellus Tricks us With These Summer Treats

You probably recognize Joyce Marcellus as the face of Toxic Sweets Shop. But did you know Joyce has been creating edible art for over 10 years? She specializes in hyper realistic food made from different sugar mediums.

Toxic Sweets Shop examples

In addition to running Toxic Sweets Shop, Joyce is co-creator of Sweets University and The Cake Bar Cake Show alongside fellow cake artist Kassy Jimenez. She has been featured in numerous magazines including Cake Masters and The American Cake Decorating Magazine, among others. Most recently, Joyce won Cake Wars Season 4 Episode 6 on Food Network!

Today, Joyce is going to show you how to replicate 2 popular ice cream truck items you may recognize from your youth. But there's a catch! As with all of Joyce's creations, things are not what they seem... These "ice cream" treats aren't ice cream at all! Read on to see what she's done!

With Summer here, our days are filled with ice cream truck music! And what better way to pay homage to the delights of summer than with a sugarcraft tribute to two popular ice cream truck items? I'm going to show you how I made a Tweety Bird pop and a classic ice cream sandwich out RKT and fondant. And as an added bonus- Rice Krispies don't melt in the summer heat!

Imitation Ice Cream Truck treats by Joyce Marcellus

Tweety Bird Ice Cream Supplies: 

  • 6 Rice Krispie Treat Packages
  • Yellow Edible Art Paint
  • White Edible Art Paint
  • Sky Blue Food Color (Americolor)
  • Orange Airbrush Color (Americolor)
  • Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers Pointed Chisel (Blue 6) Square Tip Chisel ( Yellow 4) Bone Chisel (Orange 2) Trip-Tip Chisel (Orange 1) 
  • 2 Paint Brushes
  • Paint pallets
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Mat
  • White Fondant ( Satinice )
  • Ice pop Stick (Any craft store)


Step 1
Unwrap 6 packages of rice crispy treats and start to press and shape into tweety birds head. (Use google image for reference).
Sugar Shapers and Rice Krispie treats

Step 2
Use your Sugar Shapers Bone Chisel (Orange 2) to make eye ball indentations and to form the cheeks. Use the Trip-tip chisel (Red 1) to make better indentations on the cheeks. Use the Pointed chisel (Blue 6) to shape the mouth.
Sculpting RKT with Sugar Shapers

Step 3
Roll out the white fondant, thick enough to cover the rice texture. Cover the top and cut the excess. Then pick up and lay a second piece of rolled out white fondant and trim excess, just like you would panel a cake.

Step 4
Using your Sugar Shapers Bone Chisel (Orange 2) re-indent the eyes.
Sculpting with Sugar Shapers

Step 5
Take a small amount of white fondant and color with your sky blue food color. Once the right color is achieved, roll two small balls for the "gumball" eyes.
Coloring fondant

Step 6
To paint the mouth, mix a dot of orange airbrush color with yellow edible art paint. Using a fine brush, paint the mouth.

Step 7
Using yellow edible art paint, paint the entire face, being careful around the eyes and mouth. Use your Sugar Shapers Square Tip chisel (Yellow 4) to create a indentation for the ice pop stick and insert stick.
Sugar Shapers square tip chisel for the perfect popsicle

Tah-dah! A convincing, yet unmeltable Tweety pop! And now on to the ice cream sandwich!

Ice cream Sandwich Supplies:

  • 2-Rice Krispie Treats Packages
  • Chocolate Brown Food Color ( Americolor )
  • Black Food Color (Americolor)
  • Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shaper Pointed Chisel (Blue 6)
  • Rolling Pin
  • Pizza Cutter
  • Mat
  • White Fondant 1lb ( Satinice )

Step 1
Remove Rice Krispie Treats from packaging and squeeze together short side to short side to create the right dimensions for the ice cream portion of the sandwich.
Ice cream sandwich, step 1

Step 2
Using your rolling pin, roll the two treats to flatten and help blend the seams.
Combine 2 treats for the right length

Step 3
Roll out white fondant thick enough to cover the texture of the rice. Once rolled out, place your fondant over the treats and trim the excess.
Cover your treat with white fondant

Step 4
Mix a portion of the white fondant with the brown gel food color and a smaller portion of the black food color. Then add a little black at a time to get a nice dark chocolate color.
Color your fondant the perfect deep chocolate color

Step 5
Roll out the dark chocolate fondant. Place your "ice cream" block on top of the rolled out fondant and use your pizza cutter to cut out the cookie thins for the sandwich.
Use the dark fondant for the cookie wafers

Step 6
Repeat for the top cookie thin of the sandwich. Then use your Sugar Shapers Pointed Chisel to make indentation holes.
Making an ice cream sandwich using Sugar Shapers

And there you have an imposter ice cream sandwich! I hope you've enjoyed this tutorial, and enjoy fooling your  friends with these "ice cream" treats!

This is Joyce’s first time using Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers and she states “Now i understand why they are loved and essentials tools for the sweets artist!” She is working on a full ice cream truck tutorial coming soon using our 2 Legged Running Sugar Structure and Sugar Shapers with these ice cream treats added! Make sure to subscribe to Toxic Sweets Shop to find out when and where it will be released!

To learn more food tutorials check out her “ A La Carte ” online restaurant with many individual food tutorial from broccoli to fish!

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