DIY Stencils in a Pinch
October 24, 2016

DIY Stencils in a Pinch

The problem with being known in your social circle as the one who does "fancy cakes and sweet things" is that it becomes expected that you'll show up to any gathering or event with something adorable and quirky. Gone are the days when you can show up to a party with a bag of chips and a jar of salsa.

Unfortunately, friends and family don't always understand the time involved in your work. Compromises must be made.

These stencil-topped Oreos are a quick and simple way to bridge the gap between "I stopped on the way here and bought a bag of chips" and "I spent 14 hours making cake-pops for your party."

Crafting Your Stencils

You don't even need to stop by the supply store for stencils- we're going to make our own. All you'll need is some card stock, an Exacto knife, and, if you've got any, hole punches (shaped or circular, let your tools guide your vision on this one). And of course you'll need your Sugar Smoothers and Stencil Genie™ for the stenciling.
Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers for Cookies

Trace the size of an Oreo onto your card stock, but don't cut this part out when you make your stencil- it's just a guide. Inside the circle, draw whatever shape you want to be on your cookie. Don't go too close to the edges of the circle; these will be the edges of the cookie when you stencil and it'll get a bit messy if it bleeds over the edge. Then just cut out with your Exacto knife. You can also use your punch to punch a shape, or shapes inside the cookie circle.
Making Stencils for use with Cookie Sized Sugar Smoothers

That's all there is to it. You've just made a stencil. Now do a couple more so you have some variety.
Making Stencils for use with cookie Sized Sugar Smoothers

Crafting Your Cookies

Now all you need to do is stencil on the icing. Oreos have a texture that makes stenciling directly onto the cookies sloppy, so I cut out circles of white fondant and topped the cookies with them. I also dyed my icing orange and purple for Halloween. You can use any icing you like for this; you can even just buy a can of frosting at the store. (Remember- these are party snacks and you're not being paid. ;)
Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoother in a bowl of frosting

Load your stencil into your Stencil Genie™. It doesn't need to be the exact size of the Genie; the magnets will hold it in place just fine. And center your cookie beneath your stencil.
Stencil Genie™ ready for use with Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers

Spoon some icing over your stencil and use your Sugar Smoother to scrape off the excess.
Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers for Cookie Stenciling

The small sized Sugar Smoothers fit perfectly inside the Stencil Genie™.
Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers with the Stencil Genie™

Repeat until all your cookies are stenciled and you're done!

Cookies made using Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers

Quick, easy, and cute enough for a casual Halloween party with your pals!

Cookies made with Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Smoothers