Cake Serving Cakes by Kass!
February 07, 2018

Cake Serving Cakes by Kass!

It's February- the month of love! And we are excited to feature an artist we absolutely love as our guest artist this month- Kassy Jimenez of Cakes & Crafts by Kass!

Cakes by Kass

Kassandra Jimenez AKA Kassy is a self taught home baker from California and is currently located in Central Texas. She prides herself on being upfront to her followers, enjoys connecting with her “peeps” on social media and always being there to help anyone who may need it. From running Sweets University with her Cake Sister Wife (just go with it), Joyce of Toxic Sweets Shop to blogging about all things cake, running a popular YouTube channel, and putting on a Cake Show, she is always working on something! Her style is very much her own- modern, bold, rustic and detailed cakes. Kassy has been featured in magazines, has appeared on Food Network's Cake Wars, and is a brand ambassador for Icing Images! She is a wafer paper addict and buttercream is second nature to her. 

This month, Kassy has invented something meta- a way to serve your cake... on cake. We'll never use a silver platter again!

Cake platter by Kassy Jimenez

Kassy has used Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structures to build a central armature to turn two cakes into a 2-tiered serving platter, which she then piled high with delicious treats. This is truly the cross section of innovation and decadence!

Cakes served on a cake

In the video below, Kassy shows you how she made the whole thing, from the wood paneled base board to the armature construction and cake making. Check it out!

And if you liked that, be sure to subscribe to Kassy's YouTube Channel for more awesome tutorials and crazy cake ideas!

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