Birthday Mischief Managed!
July 31, 2016

Birthday Mischief Managed!

Birthday Mischief is a Cake Art project inspired by J.K Rowling's Harry Potter book series. Founded in 2014 by Michelle “ChefMitchie” Curran of Mitchie's Munchies in Las Vegas, the idea was to celebrate Rowling's birthday (which, incidentally is also Harry Potter's birthday) with cakes inspired by her magical world placed in locations connected to the book series.

The project was such a success they've decided to continue it annually. This year, with the upcoming release of the Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film, the Birthday Mischief crew decided to focus their cakes on the magical creatures described in Rowling's faux-textbook of the same name.

Many of the talented and renowned cake artists participating in Birthday Mischief used Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers in their creation, and Chef Mitchie sent us photos of their amazing work. We've decided to compile them here where you can see a whole collection of Fantastic Beasts!

Drew the Dragon, Ukrainian Ironbelly

Artist: Berenice Rabago of Berry's Sweet Studio

This shy dragon has the power to transfigure anything into beauty. He is known for his sage advice and his love of pumpkin spice flavored popcorn.

Dwendino the Erkling

Artist: Lyle Clemente of Cake My Day Abu Dhabi Dy's CMD

Dwendino was one of the last of the now extinct Erklings to be captured and studied. Their uncontrollable tempers and insatiable cravings for human children's flesh caused them to be hunted into extinction by protective humans. 

Pattersyn the Plimpy

Artist: Ruth Rickey of Sugar Gypsy

Plimpies are harmless but annoying aquatic creatures. They pester swimmers and nibble the toes of bathers.


Artist: Corinna Maguire of Lovin From the Oven

The Nundu is a leopard-like beast found in East Africa. It is an aggressive animal and emits a lethal gas through vents in its mouth. The nundu generally feeds on large mammals, but is known to have a weakness for aroma-inducing herbaceous foods such as beans, prunes, and garlic.

Scrufflefluff the Griffin and his human, Ash

Artist: Heather Sherman of Art2Eat Cakes

Scrufflefluff and Ash are best friends. Ash was raised high in the mountains, and spent much time alone in forests and meadows. Scrufflefluff was discovered by Ash as an injured kitten-chick, who simultaneously discovered previously un-tapped magical powers while defending the scruffy baby from the ignorant muggles who were "family".  The two fled, and lived in a dry, sweet cave in happy harmony together.

Ash healed the baby's broken leg, and would laugh at Scrufflefluffs baby antics. Ash gave Scruffle his name for his very un-griffinlike and highly undignified crest of silly fluff that pops up whenever Scruffle is intrigued or happy. They are adorable baby feathers that have remained even after several moultings. The two have been fast friends ever since. Ash never shirked the (bloody) responsibility of the proper feeding of a Griffin kitten-chick, bringing Scruffle many rabbits until he learned to hunt them himself. Then Scruffle hunted for them both! It is nearly impossible to win the unbreakable devotion of a Griffin, to the point where they will share food.

When Hogwarts heard of the pair, Ash was extended an Invitation by Owl to attend Hogwarts, in Specialized Research of Creature Studies. Now, while Scrufflefluff wings about on his own (looking for lady Griffins), he returns frequently to Ash's eyrie tower room for cuddle-snuggles and rabbit tidbits. Ash has been spotted clambering onto Scruffle's back periodically and taking wild flights at all hours. Scrufflefluff is naturally the beloved live Mascot of Gryffindor, who welcomed Ash with wide open arms as long-lost kin.  Hogwarts visitors are advised to look for Scruffle's Orange Ribbon (normally tied at his throat), and if they see a Griffin approaching to please hold all spells.

Sira the Ashwinder

Artist: Renay Zamora of Sweetface Cakes

The Ashwinder is a fascinating creature. It lives for only one hour before turning to ash, yet manages to lay a full nest of eggs in that time. It eats nothing.


Antipodean Opaleye Dragon

Artist: Mike Guerrero of Mad Mike's Cakes

The Antipodean Opaleye is a solitary and territorial dragon breed. They neither fear humans nor consider them prey, but will attack if threatened.


Artist: Laura Burton of Dalton Cupcakes

Billywigs are swarm creatures. When threatened, they will coordinate to disorient a potential predator and can unite to sting as a unit. Billywigs feed on Bowtruckles and Flobberworm mucus. Their eggs are used in potion-making and their stings are highly valued by sweets manufacturers.


Artist: Hailey Harris of Hailey's Sweet Temptations

The Lethifold is a silent and fast predator. It moves in the blink of an eye and kills its prey so swiftly there is never time for escape. As a creature of darkness, the smallest bit of light terrifies the Lethifold.

Silver Spur the Hippocamus

Artist: Irina Salazar of Enna's Cake Design

The Hippocamus is a gentle creature who will only attack in defense. Generally invisible, it will show itself only in the presence of magic. 

Common Welsh Green Dragon

Artist: Jarid Altmark of Jarid's Awesome Cakes

This particular specimen of Welsh Green was clearly a juvenile. He has a propensity for exaggeration, dominates any conversation with his chatter, is highly sensitive, and demonstrates a lack of consideration for others. He is also surprising adept at Parkour for such a large and ungainly creature.


Artist: Cynthia Lorow of The Vagabond Baker

The Jarvey spends most of his day beneath the sodden ground of Britain's farmlands and forests, coming out only to feed on moles and gnomes or to bombard a weary farmer with his scurrilous remarks delivered rapidly and thoughtlessly. Woe to the hapless human who surprises this boorish beast, as a startled Jarvey has been known to sink his sharp teeth into the tender flesh of an ear or an ankle drawing blood and rancor whilst hurling insults at his victim through blood stained teeth!

Garden Gnome

Artist: Jaclyn Dinko of Cake'D Out Creations

Gnomes are a common pest in magical gardens. They feed on worms and the roots of vegetable plants. More a nuisance than a danger, gnome populations can be controlled by introducing Jarveys into the environment.


Artist: Jacqui Kelly of Totally Sugar

From Greek origins - Chimera traditionally are created from three different animals: lion, goat and serpent. However, in the mystical world, this little hatching has the body and one head of a Welsh Green Dragon. The second head is from a Pegicorn, which is a mix of Unicorn and Pegasus, and the final head comes from the Fantastical Phoenix.


We hope you've enjoyed these Fantastic Beasts! Check back soon- we'll be adding more over the next few days!