Roses and Bows and Sugar Smoothers
April 04, 2016

Roses and Bows and Sugar Smoothers

Our featured guest this month is Karen Keaney of Roses and Bows Cakery. Karen is recognized globally for her airbrushing skills and elaborate sculpted cakes. She has won top awards from Cake International, Chef Ireland, Hotelympia, and the Dublin Sugarcraft Guild Competition

Today, Karen talks with us about how and why she uses Innovative Sugarworks' Sugar Smoothers in her art.


Traditionally we all used rigid plastic smoothers in our cake and sugar crafts. Sure, they still have their uses, but what happens when you have a cake that doesn't have straight lines?


Innovative Sugarworks have come up with a great set of smoothers.  The set contains 2 different sizes and 2 different thicknesses, a total of 6 smoothers in the set. The thin set are so flexible they are perfect for all the awkward shapes that come up in sculpted cakes, and the thicker set are ideal for achieving those sharp edges that we all love so much. 




I like to use my smoothers for a whole different application (I love multi purpose tools!!!) I love making sculpted cakes but always found it difficult to get a smooth coating of ganache. After all, this is the foundation of the design so it's super important to have a neat, clean finish under your fondant. I use my thin set for applying and smoothing ganache on sculpted cakes. Palette knives and side scrapers cannot get into nooks and crannies like sugar smoothers. They make light work of coating odd shapes in ganache.



Check out some of my cakes- not a straight edge in sight! But all made easy using the Sugar Smoothers. 





An added bonus with these smoothers is they have a ruler on them, which is great if you need precise sizing in your design. Remember when I said I loved multi-use tools? Loads of uses from one set of smoothers! 

You'll see me using these tools, as well as Innovative Sugarworks' Sugar Shapers, in my online school: They are an essential part of my kit and I never leave home without them!

Roses and Bows Cakery Cake School from Roses and Bows Cakery on Vimeo.