Cake Porter™ Replacement Base

$ 9.99 USD

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Replace a missing Cake Porter Base with ease

Did you lose your Cake Porter base on the last delivery, or maybe someone threw it out by mistake?  Now you can easily replace the square insert for the small or medium Cake Porter.

Porter Features
  • Made from food-grade, corrugated plastic for outstanding strength and durability
  • Maintains physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration
  • Professional-grade #2 recyclable product universally accepted for recycling

  • Small Cake Porter Square: 14”x14"
  • Medium Cake Porter Square: 18"x18"

Easy to use, reuse and rely on.

The Cake Porter™ is easily cleaned, flattened, and stored which allows for multiple re-uses in any commercial or non-commercial setting. Re-usability not only helps drive down costs when compared to paper, cardboard, or other plastic products but also helps eliminate unnecessary waste.


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Size: Small Square 14"x14"

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