Dinkydoodle Airbrush Cleaning Station

$ 19.99 USD

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Maintain your airbrush kit and equipment with this convenient Airbrush Cleaning Station by Dinkydoodle.

This handy lidded container is a great place to get rid of any unwanted color or cleaning fluid.  Simply attach the filter and cap into the lid and place the airbrush pen into the hole - pull back the airbrush trigger to empty the cup contents into the cleaning station.  When your station is full, unscrew the lid and carefully dispose of the contents.  Hand wash the cleaning station in hot soapy water.  If your filter becomes blocked, simply replace the filter with a spare and wash the original in warm soapy water. 

    • Compact
    • Easy to clean
    • Reusable
    • Includes 2 spare filters

    • Keeps your airbrush clean
    • Simple and mess free

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