Medium Cake Porter™ Set

Transport your cake creations safely, efficiently and with confidence.

The Innovative Sugarworks Cake Porter™ + Insulated Cover is an innovative, simple-to-use, and inexpensive way to transport and protect your wedding cakes, sculpted cakes, and show pieces of any size.

The Medium Cake Porter Set contains 1 medium Cake Porter™
and 1 medium Insulated Cover.

Professional-grade and made from recycled and recyclable plastic, the Innovative Sugarworks Cake Porter™ provides outstanding strength and durability while the soft-sided Insulated Cover provides additional protection from light, heat, odor, humidity, and other elements – allowing you to protect, transport, and present all of your creations with confidence.

** It is NOT recommended to carry a loaded Cake Porter + Cover by the Insulated Cover handles.

    • Made from food-grade, corrugated plastic for outstanding strength and durability
    • Easy-to-fold assembly with secure closures
    • Maintains physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration
    • Professional-grade #2 recyclable product universally accepted for recycling
    • Rotary locking clip for easy closing, securing, and reopening
    • Soft polyester exterior and foam + foil interior lining provides additional protection from light, heat, and other elements
    • Perfectly fitted for Innovative Sugarworks’ Cake Porter
    • Quality zippered front flap allows easy access
    • Clear top pocket for forms and documents
    • Maintains physical integrity against wear, tear, and deterioration
    • Medium: 18”x 18”x 25”, 3-5 tiers of cake, up to 50 lbs.*
    • * limits are suggested maximums and can vary upon weight distribution
    • ** It is NOT recommended to carry a loaded Cake Porter + Cover by the Insulated Cover handles.

Easy to use, reuse and rely on.

The Cake Porter™ and Insulated Cover are both easily cleaned, flattened, and stored which allows for multiple re-uses in any commercial or non-commercial setting. Re-usability not only helps drive down costs when compared to paper, cardboard, or other plastic products but also helps eliminate unnecessary waste.


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