Sugar Structure – Simple Standing Kit

$ 34.99 USD

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The perfect internal structure for 3D, gravity-defying, and sculpted cakes.

Created by artists for artists, these Sugar Structures™ are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of building and sculpting edible media. With multiple kit options and additional add-on packages available, artists have the freedom to create their wildest cake dreams!

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structures™ are crafted from food-grade aluminum for the highest standard of safety for your edible creations. These structures are light-weight, yet extremely strong and sturdy. Components are interchangeable to allow for ultimate creative freedom and can be re-used indefinitely.

The Simple Standing structure stands 16" tall before cake is applied. 

– Sugar Structures available in 5 different sets 
Each set is customizable for unlimited creative possibilities!
    • Made of light weight food-grade aluminum
    • Elbow joints engraved with angle numbers for easy identification
    • All kits adaptable to allow for original creations
    • Strong and stable
    • Adjustable and expandable
    • Reusable and 100% recyclable
    • 1 Base
    • 1 Rod, 3"
    • 1 Rod, 5"
    • 1 Rod, 6"
    • 1 Small Washer Plate
    • 1 Large Washer Plate
    • 1 Straight Coupler
    • 1 Tee Coupler
    • Hand washing is recommended

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