Sugar Structure - Versatile Pouring Kit

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Created by artists for artists, these Sugar Structures™ are specifically designed to meet the unique needs and challenges of building and sculpting edible media. With multiple kit options and additional add-on packages available, artists have the freedom to create their wildest cake dreams!

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Structures™ are crafted from food-grade aluminum for the highest standard of safety for your edible creations. These structures are light-weight, yet extremely strong and sturdy. Components are interchangeable to allow for ultimate creative freedom and can be re-used indefinitely.

The Simple Standing structure stands 30" tall before cake is applied. Height can be altered by removing rods or switching the order during assembly to achieve desired design height.

– Sugar Structures available in 7 different sets 
Each set is customizable for unlimited creative possibilities!
    • Made of light weight food-grade aluminum
    • Elbow joints engraved with angle numbers for easy identification
    • All kits adaptable to allow for original creations
    • Strong and stable
    • Adjustable and expandable
    • Reusable and 100% recyclable
    • 1 Base
    • 1 Rod, 3"
    • 1 Rod, 4"
    • 2 Rod, 5"
    • 2 Rod, 6"
    • 3 Straight Couplers
    • 1 Elbow, 45 degrees
    • 1 Elbow, 90 degrees
    • Hand washing is recommended

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