Large Flat Brush

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Paint in style with Innovative Sugarworks' food safe, synthetic Artists' Brushes.

Our Large Flat Brush's super soft synthetic bristles and 1" flat head make it perfect for applying color dusts, powders, and paints to your finished cakes, cookies, and confections.

Our brushes' bristles are made from high grade synthetic fibers. They are incredibly durable and won't shed, giving your brushes a long lifespan with proper care.

Our Large Flat Brush has a 1" head.

  • High quality synthetic bristles are super soft and long lasting
  • Flat edge for even coverage
  • Large sized, 1" head
  • Synthetic bristles are safe for use with food- no animal hair
  • Ideal for applying edible color dusts, powders, and paints
  • Well-cared for brushes won't shed and have a long lifespan

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