Chris Aranda's Succulents Cake Video Tutorial

Learn to make Chris Aranda's beautiful succulents cake, with this step by step tutorial

Brand Ambassador Chris Aranda's passion for sugar paste can be seen in each of his beautifully handcrafted flowers, which include a plethora of varieties.  He has won a number of accolades in International Competitions, including awards for Best Innovation and Neatness in Master Techniques. Now you can learn his techniques in the comfort of your own home!

This video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know in order to make his elegant succulent cake, decorated with two uniquely crafted succulent sugar paste flowers. In this tutorial you will use Innovative Sugarworks' Dahlia Cutter Set to make all of the succulent petals.  From there, you will learn how to cut, wire, shape, and assemble each variety of succulent.  The final lessons include color dusting and using the finished succulents to decorate a two tiered textured fondant dummy cake.  Our Succulents Cake tutorial is arranged in 6 lessons, each a separate file so you can pause and restart easily without losing your place.

Total running time: 55min

Lesson 1: Wiring the center bulb succulent #1, Cutting and shaping inner petals, Assembling center of large succulent #1
Lesson 2: Cutting and shaping outer petals, Wiring outer petals
Lesson 3: Wiring the center bulb succulent #2, Cutting and shaping petals, Assembling succulent #2
Lesson 4: Assembling and shaping large succulent #1, Attaching wires/petals
Lesson 5: Color dusting succulents #1 and #2
Lesson 6Texturing fondant design, Color accents on cake, Placing succulents on dummy cake

    *Access to all files will be delivered to you in a separate email from SendOwl.   Please open the enclosed Link to directly stream the videos to your devices.  Once you have purchased the tutorial, you will have a TOTAL of 18 viewing opportunities to distribute over the 6 files however you seem fit.  For example, you could choose to watch each lesson 3 times total, or use more views to watch the more difficult lessons, thereby leaving fewer views for the easier lessons.  Please note that if you are using a MacBook, and the video does not load using Safari, please try using another internet browser like Google Chrome.  If the file is a PDF, each download attempt counts as 1 view. 
      • Wiring sugar paste petals
      • Rolling and cutting sugar paste
      • Shaping sugar paste petals
      • Assembling wired petals
      • Petal dusting with color
      • Texturing fondant
      • Dahlia cutter set
      • Sugar Shapers (soft and firm)
      • 4"x6" round cake dummy
      • 6"x5" round cake dummy
      • Silicone mat
      • Artist's Brushes
      • Stitching wheel tool
      • Wires gauge #24 - #20
      • Small wire cutters
      • Small pliers
      • Ziplock bags
      • White fondant
      • Green gum paste
      • Peach gum paste
      • Pearl dust
      • Silver highlighter
      • Cornstarch
      • Shortening

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