Sachiko Windbiel's Sleeping Baby Figurine Video Tutorial

Learn to make Sachiko Windbiel's Sleeping Baby figurine, with this step by step tutorial

Innovative Sugarworks Brand Ambassador Sachiko Windbiel is known for her intricately detailed and skillfully crafted Fondant Figure Modeling, and is an internationally recognized cake artist.  She has first place finishes in numerous cake shows and can be seen competing on various television networks.  When she is not busy challenging her own modeling skills, Sachiko continues to “Spread Joy” by teaching her fondant workshops around the globe. Now you can learn his techniques in the comfort of your own home!

This video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know in order to make her intricately detailed sleeping baby figurine. In this tutorial you will learn how to create an armature out of wire and foil for the structure of the baby's head. From there, you will be guided through shaping, sculpting, and detailing the baby's face, body, appendages, clothing, and even a blanket out of modelling paste. The final lesson is an alternative method for sculpting an additional baby face option.  Our Sleeping Baby tutorial is arranged in 6 lessons, each a separate file so you can pause and restart easily without losing your place.

Total running time: 50min

Lesson 1: Introduction to tools and materials, Making head armature structure, Attaching paste to the structure 
Lesson 2: Sculpting final head shape, Modeling facial features
Lesson 3Sculpting torso, legs, and arms, Making dress
Lesson 4: Adding hair, Painting and final details
Lesson 5: Making blanket
Lesson 6Sculpting baby face option 2
Downloadable Template: Sleeping Baby

    *Access to all files will be delivered to you in a separate email from SendOwl.   Please open the enclosed Link to directly stream the videos to your devices.  Once you have purchased the tutorial, you will have a TOTAL of 21 viewing opportunities to distribute over the 7 files however you seem fit.  For example, you could choose to watch each lesson 3 times total, or use more views to watch the more difficult lessons, thereby leaving fewer views for the easier lessons.  Please note that if you are using a MacBook, and the video does not load using Safari, please try using another internet browser like Google Chrome.   If the file is a PDF, each download attempt counts as 1 view. 
      • Sculpting in modeling paste
      • Giving your character expression and personality
      • Utilizing armatures
      • Working in fine detail
      • Painting intricately 
      • Sugar Shapers
      • Artist's Brushes
      • Craft mat
      • Rolling pin
      • Craft knife (X-acto or similar)
      • Dresden tool
      • Aluminum foil (4"[10cm] x 5"[13cm])
      • Flower wire #16 gauge (7"[18cm])
      • Hot glue and gun
      • Cake dummy, small
      • Small pliers/wire cutters
      • Template (included)
      • Modelling paste (skin tone, brown, pink, red, green, white, orange)
      • Corn syrup, glucose, or piping gel
      • Tylose (CMC)
      • Petal dust (pink, rose pink or peach, brown)

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