Kaysie Lackey's Mollie Moo Video Tutorial

Learn to make Kaysie Lackey's adorable Mollie Moo character cake step by step

Kaysie Lackey is an internationally recognized master of 3D sculpted character cakes. She routinely travels the world teaching her adorable and comedic creations to enthusiastic cake students. Now you can learn her techniques in the comfort of your own home!

This intensive downloadable tutorial will teach you everything you need to know to make Mollie Moo, Kaysie's lovable cow cake. In this tutorial you'll start right from armature construction and custom cutting cake boards, and move step-by-step through stacking and carving your cake, modeling the peripheries, defining your character, and finishing details. Our Mollie Moo tutorial is arranged in 7 lessons, each a separate file so you can pause and restart easily without losing your place.

Total running time: 3hr39m

Lesson 1: Preparing the base, Building the structure, Cutting the foamcore
Lesson 2: Stacking the cakes, Carving the cakes, Crumb coat and ganache
Lesson 3: The head and neck
Lesson 4: Legs and covering the body
Lesson 5: Face, Muzzle, Ears, Udders, Hooves
Lesson 6: Tail, Patches, Eyes, Horns
Lesson 7: Dusting, Finishing touches, Business considerations

Additional included resources:

  • Custom cake board templates
  • Recipes
  • Equipment list
  • Materials list
*Access to all files will be delivered to you in a separate email from SendOwl.   Please open the enclosed Link to directly stream the videos to all your devices.  Once you have purchased the tutorial, you will have a TOTAL of 21 viewing opportunities distributed over the 7 lessons however you seem fit.  For example, you could watch each lesson 3 times total, or use more views to watch more difficult lessons leaving fewer views for easier lessons.  Please note that if you are using a MacBook, and the video does not load using Safari, please try using another internet browser like Google Chrome.   
    • Constructing a cake armature and securing it to a baseboard
    • Custom cutting cake boards to fit the shape of a sculpted cake and to fit properly on an armature
    • Stacking cake on an armature
    • Carving cake 
    • Covering an unusually shaped cake in fondant
    • Sculpting in modeling chocolate
    • Giving your character expression and personality
    • Painting with petal dusts
    • Sugar Structure: 4 Legged Standing Kit
    • Sugar Shapers (soft and firm, ideally both sizes)
    • Sugar Smoothers
    • Cake board templates (included)
    • 12x16" sheet of 1⁄2” plywood (MUST BE PLYWOOD) 

    • 12x16” sheet of 3/16” foamcore 

    • 10x14” sheet of 1⁄2” foamcore 

Sharp, serrated paring knife
Sharp 8" serrated knife 

    • Craft knife (X-acto or similar) with extra blades 

    • Modeling tools: PMW Wheel Tool, PME Stich Tool
Mini Palette knife 

    • Mini Scissors 

    • 4” offset spatula 

    • Rolling pin (large and small) 

    • Fondant smoothers (2 recommended) 

    • Paint brushes (for dusting and hand painting) 

    • Glue gun and glue sticks 

    • Souffle Cups (2oz. plastic)
    • Wooden skewers
Foam sphere, 5”
Foam egg, 6” x 3”
Power drill or electric screw driver (a manual screwdriver will work; it 
will just take longer) 

    • 18g floral wire (8 pieces)
White floral tape 
    • Armature wire, 9” length 

    • 1 Standard cake dowel (you will custom cut it to your cow) 

    • Ruler 

    • Plastic wrap
Latex gloves
    • Cake (recipes included)
    • Buttercream (recipe included)
    • Ganache (recipe included)
    • Fondant
    • Modeling chocolate
    • Gel colors
    • Petal dusts
    • Shredded coconut
    • Piping gel
    • Tylose powder or CMC

Praise for Kaysie Lackey, instructor.

"Kaysie is totally awesome! Her teaching is so easy and natural."- Jodie B

"This woman is AMAZING! and has been one of my cake Mom's since Food Network! I am Praying she makes more classes! She is excellent at what she does and makes it seem like [...] a piece of cake!" - Carlita

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