Belinda Lucidi's The Little Prince Video Tutorial

Learn to make Belinda Lucidi's The Little Prince cake topper, with this step by step tutorial

Brand Ambassador Belinda Lucidi's immaculate designs and master craftsmanship continually earn her awards as a cake artist. In the 2018 Shaki Cake International contest, she took home the Gold Medal from the technical jury and First Place in the Fantasy Cake category.  At the Cake International Birmingham 2019, she received a Gold Medal from the technical jury.  Now you can learn her techniques in the comfort of your own home!

This video tutorial will teach you everything you need to know in order to make this precious cake topper. In this tutorial you'll start with the armature construction and then cover it with fondant while adding unique shapes and textures.  The following lessons go over the sculpting and intricate detailing of the Little Prince and his fox companion. Our Little Prince tutorial is arranged in 5 lessons, each a separate file so you can pause and restart easily without losing your place.

Total running time: 1hr 05min

Lesson 1: Building armature, Sculpting moon, Coloring moon
Lesson 2: Sculpting prince's face, Detailing facial features
Lesson 3: Sculpting prince's body, Attaching figure to moon
Lesson 4: Sculpting scarf, Attaching head to prince's body, Adding hair
Lesson 5: Sculpting fox, Detailing fox

    *Access to all files will be delivered to you in a separate email from SendOwl. Please open the enclosed Link to directly stream the videos to your devices. Once you have purchased the tutorial, you will have a TOTAL of 15 viewing opportunities to distribute over the 5 files however you seem fit. For example, you could choose to watch each lesson 3 times total, or use more views to watch the more difficult lessons, thereby leaving fewer views for the easier lessons. Please note that if you are using a MacBook, and the video does not load using Safari, please try using another internet browser like Google Chrome. If the file is a PDF, each download attempt counts as 1 view.
      • Constructing a round styrofoam armature 
      • Covering round armature with fondant
      • Sculpting in sugar paste
      • Giving your characters expression and personality
      • Painting with petal dusts
      • Sugar Shapers (soft and firm)
      • Artist's Brushes
      • Craft knife (X-acto or similar) with extra blades 

Styrofoam hemisphere shape - 15 cm diameter (6")
      • Styrofoam ball shape - 9 cm diameter (3.5")
      • Styrofoam ball shape - 4 cm diameter (1.5")
      • Cake Dummy - 20 cm diameter (8") 

Aluminum Foil
      • Edible Glue
      • Toothpick (small, medium, big)
      • Small knife
      • Wire (N18 or N20)
      • Maizena
      • White fondant + CMC
      • Yellow sugar paste
      • Skin-tone sugar paste
      • Light green sugar paste
      • Green sugar paste
      • Orange sugar paste
      • Black sugar paste
      • White sugar paste
      • Light-blue pearlescent coloring powder
      • Eucaliptus pearlescent (or sea green) coloring powder
      • Pink baby (or Rose Pink or Peach) coloring powder

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