Delicate Brush Set

Work small; dream big with Innovative Sugarworks' Delicate Set of Artists' Brushes.

Do you work small? Are you a master of cake toppers and figurines? Get just the little brushes with our Delicate Set of Artists' Brushes! This set includes our Straight Fine Point Brush, Angled Fine Point Brush, Round Blending Brush, and Small Flat Oval Brush. This is the perfect collection for all your diminutive needs!

We use only the best bristles made from high grade synthetic fibers safe for use with food and edible media. These bristles are incredibly durable and won't shed, giving your brushes an indefinite lifespan with proper care.

    • Straight Fine Point - narrow 1/4" head
    • Angled Fine Point - narrow 1/4" head, angled for hard-to-reach spaces
    • Round Blending - tapered, round 1/2" head
    • Small Flat Oval - flat, oval shaped 1/4" head
    • Synthetic bristles are safe for use with food- no animal hair
    • Ideal for applying edible color dusts, powders, and paints
    • Well-cared for brushes won't shed and will last indefinitely
    • Small sized for details and small scale work


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