Sugar Shapers™ Starter Bundle

Work big, work small. Work soft, work hard. Pick your perfect pair to work your own way.

There's no one way to work, and no one tool is perfect for every situation. That's why we made both Sugar Shapers™ and Mini-Tip Sugar Shapers™, and why we offer each in soft tip or firm tip varieties. We get asked a lot which variety is the best to start out with. The truth is that is depends a lot on the artist and the type of work they make most. But if you want the most versatility you can get without owning every set, we recommend buying one size in firm and the other size in soft. And now you can do that in a bundled package and save a few bucks!

Choose between Soft Sugar Shapers™ + Firm Mini-Tip Sugar Shapers™, or Firm Sugar Shapers + Soft Mini-Tip Sugar Shapers. Get the best combination for your personal style.

We are temporarily SOLD OUT of SOFT TIP Sugar Shapers
Please check back in 2 weeks

Created by decorators for decorators, each Shaper has been designed to enhance creativity, accuracy, and confidence when working with edible and non-edible ingredients including fondant, marzipan, sugar paste, and modeling chocolate.

With these six unique, double-headed shapers, creating beautifully detailed flower petals, curls, ruffles, and clean fondant seams for cakes, cupcakes, and treats has never been easier.

    • 6 uniquely designed shapes for sculpting, shaping, blending, texturing, and modeling
    • Tapered, double-head design – two tools in one
    • Ergonomically engineered for comfort, efficiency, and accuracy
    • Color coded for easy identification
    • Made from flexible, food-grade TPE that will maintain physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration
    • Durable, residential, and commercial dishwasher safe. Heat and cold resistant – as low as -40˚F up to 275˚F degrees continuously
    • Made with FDA approved food-safe materials
    • Head shapes designed for versatility offering a higher level of detail and control
    • Ideal for easy manipulation of all edible and non-edible ingredients including fondant and gum paste
    • Comfortable grip enhances efficiency, accuracy, and ease of repetitive movement
    • Excellent for last second “clean up” and repair work
    • Heat resistant – can be used to shape warm to hot ingredients/materials up to 275˚ F
    • FDA approved, food-safe material that is dishwasher safe and easy to clean
    • Flexible and durable material that will maintain physical integrity against breakage, cracking, and deterioration
    • Red – Tri-Tip Chisel
    • Orange – Bone Chisel
    • Green – Round Tip Chisel
    • Yellow – Square Tip Chisel
    • Dark Blue - Lip Chisel
    • Light Blue - Pointed Chisel

Comfortable, durable and easy to use.

The seamless, ergonomically designed Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers™ are engineered to maximize comfort and efficiency when performing highly repetitive and detailed decorating tasks.

Flexible, durable, and color-coded for easy identification, these professional-grade tools are an essential part of any professional, student, or hobbyist sugar-artist toolkit.

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