Sculpting a Small Cake with Chris Aranda

March 25, 2021

Sculpting a Small Cake with Chris Aranda

Relatively new to sculpting cakes?  Then check out this tutorial by Chris Aranda!  He starts by taking just a few layers of vanilla cake and some cream cheese frosting to build his base for a simple hand carved design.  Crumb coated with ganache, which is made extra smooth using a hair dryer and our Sugar Smoothers, he then covers the cake with black fondant.  Here he provides a great opportunity to explore hand sculpting with our Sugar Shapers because the pillow-like shape design doesn't need to be perfect!  He finishes his detail work with a stitching wheel, and includes hand cut and silicone formed fondant that is painted with edible gold highlighter.  I hope you grab your Artist's Brushes and follow along!

We are so excited to have Chris onboard as a Sugarworks Brand Ambassador.  Please check out some of his other work online:

Instagram:  @chrisaranda_cakedesigner

Facebook:  Chris Aranda Cake Designer

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