Liz's Turtle Baby
April 03, 2017

Liz's Turtle Baby

Liz Kraatz is the mastermind behind Liz's Cake Art in St. Louis, MO. Liz has been running her design studio for 6 years and has made a name for herself as a skilled sculptress, teacher, and creative artist. Today, she's going to show us how she uses Sugar Shapers for her detailed, realistic sculptures.

Liz Kraatz, Liz's Cake Art

I started my business, Liz’s Cake Art, about six years ago and I really wish I would have these Sugar Shapers from the beginning. These tools make my sculpted cakes much more realistic and accurate.

Innovative Sugarworks Sugar Shapers

I love each tool for a different reason, but I can say I use the firm and the soft tips equally. My Sugar Shapers give me the ability to get those super fine details that other sculpting tools can not achieve.

Fine details using Sugar Shapers

I’ve created this sculpted baby sea turtle and you can find this little cutie as part of Liz Marek's mermaid installation at the SoFlo Cake and Candy Expo in Miami, Florida, April 28-30! This turtle required very fine details in the shell, skin, and head. Thanks to my Sugar Shapers, they were easily achieved!

Liz Kraatz's Seat Turtle Using Sugar Shapers

I put together a time-lapse video to show you how I used each tool and to show what amazing things you can create with the most innovative sugar sculpting tools available… the Sugar Shapers!


Find more videos on my YouTube channel, Liz’s Cake Art
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We hope you enjoyed this baby sea turtle by Liz Kraatz. If you decide to make your own baby turtle, Liz would love to see them! Email photos, or post them to social media and tag Liz's Cake Art and Innovative Sugarworks!